The purpose of having this blog (my third) is to have a place just to ramble a bit about my love of writing.  Ultimately, I would love to be a published author.  For now, however, I am simply a writer working to hone her craft.  Some of the ramblings will be logical and purposeful.  I will also include a bit of the nonsensical as well.  For now, I want to take note of this date.  The next post will be the prologue to a novel I'm writing.  I want to put it out there for anyone's purusal (perfectly aware that there is a chance no one will actually read it).  Once I'm finished with my novel, however long or short a time it takes me to finish, I will post the prologue again.  By then, I'm sure it will have gone through numerous changes--hopefully all for the better.

As you are reading this, you somehow managed to find me.  I hope you enjoy the sample of my writing.  As always, feel free to leave any comments.  Thanks!

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