Remembering Andrew

Today is the day I've long put off, long dreaded, long anticipated. Today is the day I write about Andrew's funeral. Having never experienced the death of a spouse, I'm a little at a loss as to know what to write. But as I believe God gave me this story idea, I believe He'll give me just the right words to say.

The house is void of the sounds of children--my family is still in Indiana, waiting for the van to be fixed. And so I find myself with almost an entire week in which to do nothing but what I want to do. No school. No training (all of my books are still in Indiana). No errands--other than a funeral I'm attending Thursday and a women's conference I've been invited to speak in over the weekend, I have absolutely nowhere I need to be. Maybe God knew I would need this uninterrupted time for this chapter and that's one of the reasons He's allowed me to be here without my family. (The details are best saved for another blog entry.)

At any rate, I'm thankful. Hopefully by the time my family returns home, I'll be finished. Please pray for me.

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