A Story To Tell

Since I first became so burdened for the issue of human trafficking, I've wanted to write a story about it. While the characters and setting would be fictional, what happens to them would describe what happens all too often. My goal is to write a story that makes readers aware of the scope of human trafficking, what is involved, the depth of the depravity, and how sometimes things are not always what they seem.

I mentioned this to Troy the other day and he's already given me a great plot idea. I want to finish the novel I'm currently writing and then begin tackling this idea. There will be a lot of research involved, and I will need to be bathed in prayer. Such a dark subject matter will undoubtedly weigh me down spiritually and emotionally.

To tell the truth, it will take a great amount of courage for me to write a human trafficking story. Supernatural courage that I can only receive from God. While this story is at least a year off, I'd love you to begin praying for this now. Thank you!

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