Cancun Chronicles

What started out as a stand-alone novel (and could still be, really) will end up being a series. I hope. As of now, I am tentatively planning on calling the series "The Cancun Chronicles", as all of the stories will be based in the imaginary town of Cancun, Colorado, and will involve some of the same characters. Not very original, I know. But thinking of creative story titles has never been my forte.

The second book in the series is actually a story I began writing when I was sixteen years old. I dearly wish I still had those notebooks. It would be interesting to read what I wrote over 20 years ago. Anyway, today I am plotting out characters and story-line details to this second story, to be called "The Roommate" (keeping with the R-words in the title).

I'd really love to have at least a third book in the series, but right now I'm fresh out of ideas. When I first began writing the second book back in high school, I'd originally intended for the lead male character to get in a wreck, develop amnesia, and disappear, with almost everyone believing he'd died or abandoned the family. The next two stories would be about his daughter's search for her father. But I've since decided that is way too soap opera-ish for my taste.

Considering the fact that I have yet to finish the first book and write the second, I think I have some time to figure things out.

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