Review for "Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance" by Julianne Donaldson (Kindle Edition)

Up until this point, my favorite romantic hero has been Fitzwilliam Darcy (picturing Matthew Macfadyen, of course. You Colin Firth lovers can HAVE him as far as I'm concerned!). And then I was referred to a funny little spoof video by the Pretty Darn Funny comedy troupe called, "Jane Austen is My Homegirl". (If you haven't seen this video, and you are a Jane Austen or "Downton Abbey" fan, you need to quit reading this review, head on over to Youtube, and watch it here: http://youtu.be/-b_xiWmFWgY) One of the ladies in the video specifically mentions reading "Edenbrooke". It sounded so absolutely dreamy that I simply had to read it for myself.

I won't give you a detailed synopsis, as I'm sure others have already done so. But if you enjoy Regency novels with plenty of chemistry between the characters WITHOUT all the sexual content (totally unnecessary), this proper romance may just be for you.

Going back to my earlier statement regarding Mr. Darcy... Despite his  pride and (at times) snobbish attitudes, he is passionately in love with Elizabeth just as she is. He wouldn't change a thing about her. Honestly, that is what I love about Philip. He loves Marianne *because* she speaks her mind, is unafraid to be silly (aka her propensity for twirling, which usually gets her into some physical calamity), and is comfortable enough to be herself around him. She's unlike all the rest of the society ladies--including her twin sister--who would do anything to ensnare him for his fortune and/or his title.

And the chemistry between them! Oh. My. The two best scenes involve love letters--his to her (although she hasn't the foggiest notion he's in earnest), and then hers to him. They rarely even so much as touch each other, and their kiss is left until the very end of the book. Yet despite that, it is more than evident that there is a spark between them. In my opinion, it takes a whole lot more talent to demonstrate passion and chemistry between characters WITHOUT using sexual content than it does to write a steamy love scene.

I will definitely read anything else this author writes.

(Okay, so have you watched the video yet? If not, what are you waiting for????)

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