65,000 Words and A New Goal

Tonight, I inched across the 65,000 word count on my novel. 65,000 words. That is huge!

There's not much more of the story to tell, and so I doubt I'll reach my goal of 75,000 words. But I'm okay with that. 65,000 - 70,000 words for a first novel is pretty good, isn't it? It's certainly the longest story I've ever written, and definitely the most time I've put into writing.

My new completion goal is to finish by October so that I can send it off to the publisher's. I haven't a clue how long the editing process takes, but it would be really cool if it were ready for publishing by Christmas. What an amazing Christmas gift that would make----for me. Regardless of whether or not anyone else actually buys my book, knowing I actually finished one is reward enough for me.

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