An Inspiring Author's Dream Come True

A dream I've had since I was ten years old was fulfilled this week. I am now a published author! Justin & Emma's story went live on Amazon (in both paper and Kindle form) this week.

It was very surreal to go to Amazon and, for the first time ever, know that there was an author listing for a book I've written. It's even more surreal to actually read that book on my Kindle! Let me just say, reading it on the computer as part of a draft is not the same.

In the short time it's been available, the interest and support of friends has been overwhelming. People I don't even know are sharing the Amazon links, and people I don't even know are actually buying my book!

Now that my baby is out there, the real work comes. I am so thankful for my new friends in the Christian Indie Authors group. They have a wealth of information and experience to share with newbies like me, and they've been incredibly supportive. I'm now working to develop a Goodreads author page and my own author Twitter account, just to aid in the marketing process. But I know I have a lot to learn in the coming months.

For now, I'm trying to do what I can in the evening hours, but I want to also enjoy our time with the family. More fun to come!

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