First Promotion

I'm in the middle of the third day of the first promotion of my book. On top of that, I paid a small amount of money to advertise on a daily blog that features discounted and free Kindle books available. Thanks to both of those, today "The Reunion" sits at #58 (in the top 100) for its category for the Kindle and #61 for the book! Pretty amazing, if you ask me!

While it's great that people are buying the book, I'm more excited that a larger amount of people (people I likely wouldn't have reached on my own) are actually reading it. What a cool feeling! The ultimate goal is for a wider range of readers who will leave reviews (so far only 6), which hopefully leads to more sales of the book. I'm not doing this for income, obviously, but for the thrill of knowing my book is being read.


  1. How exciting! Income is great but comments and reviews on a book you wrote are priceless. :D what blog are you advertising on?

    1. It was www.spiritfilledkindle.com. There is a tab for authors to click for a author newsletter, but she has paid advertisements she does through Fivver. For $5, she posted my book with a direct link to Amazon on her under $.99 list. The sales skyrocketed after that. Getting people to leave reviews is another thing, though. :-/