Progress Thus Far - 26,000 Words

They say that life imitates art. But in my case, the opposite is true as well. When I read a book, especially one where the author has been successful at drawing me fully into the story, I very often will skip to the end to see how everything turns out (or to see if I've guessed the plot resolution correctly).

Well, just as in my reading, I have skipped around in my writing as well. Normally, I tend to write chronologically. Sometimes, I don't even know where the story will take me at the end. I just write and allow the characters to dictate what happens. Not this time! I've completed (and edited to death) the beginning chapters, detailing the first (and main) crisis in the book. But then writer's block struck. Major. So, instead of stewing about it, I skipped ahead to another section. And then another section. And still another after that. I've skipped so far ahead that I'm now within a couple chapters of the story's conclusion.

As my story is fairly typical of all romance novels--characters meet, fall in love, realize their mutual love for each other, a crisis separates them, followed by a reunion and conclusion of the story--readers will likely surmise the events to take place early on. But that's okay. If they enjoy the journey as much as I have, they'll walk away contented.

It is very strange to think that I am very close to being at least half-way finished with this manuscript. After over two years with these characters languishing on my computer, I've spent more time with them in the last two months than almost anyone else. While, once completed, I will be immensely satisfied to have finished a story, a part of me will be sad to end my time with the characters as well.

Perhaps this is why I've restlessly skipped around in their story, focusing mainly on the end. I want to be assured that these beloved characters are given the happily-ever-after they so richly deserve.

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