How We Roll

A friend of mine once read an article in a magazine, claiming that how the toilet paper is rolled is one of the biggest argument-starters among married couples. I'm hoping the writer of said article was being a bit facetious. Of all the things to argue about, how the toilet paper is rolled was one of the biggest?! Really?? Man, if that's all you've got to argue about in your marriage, then you must have it pretty good.

Or pretty bad, if you think about it. Because if we're being that nitpicky about something so trivial, then how do we react to the really big things? Like finances. And division of labor. Religion. How to raise the kids. Where and how to spend the holidays and vacations. Toilet seat up or down. Which side of the bed to sleep on. These are things that can be far more stressful in a marriage than the way your toilet paper rolls.

Let's face it. All that really matters is that it's there when you need it. We've all had that unpleasant experience of being the only one in the house, looking at that empty brown tube while attending to business, and knowing that another roll was clear in another room. Now that's something worth fighting about, by gum. When it comes to up or down, it really doesn't matter. Both get the job done. When push comes to shove, regardless of which way we have to roll it, we know we're going to get what we need from the roll. So why fight about it? Especially when there's so many other worthwhile things to fight about.

Like whom gets the remote.

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