Book Review for "The Chair" by James Rubart - Kindle Edition

Corin Roscoe is a broken man. You can't tell by merely looking at him, but inside, he is scarred from the many tragedies and painful experiences of his life. His first marriage ended in disaster. Both of his parents are dead. His brother--easily the most important person to Corin--has completely shut him out of his life. His antiques business is failing.

Until a mysterious woman brings him a chair--but not just any chair. A chair that was supposedly made by Christ, with some of His healing powers within it. When two people are miraculously healed, the quest of Corin's life begins. Does the chair really possess Christ's healing powers? Or does healing really come from knowing the One who made it? Can his relationships be restored? Can he be made new? These are all questions he must find the answers to, all the while trying to figure out whom to trust---and who is really out to hurt him.

I've read all of Jim Rubart's novels, and this is without doubt my favorite. I truly believe that Jim has been blessed with the gift of writing. There are only a handful of authors that can truly make me care about the characters the way he can. But more important than an entertaining story is the message this book presents. There is healing in Jesus Christ. Only through a relationship with Him can our brokenness be healed. In Him, we are new creatures. Obviously, this is a Christian book. So if books about Jesus Christ turn you off, perhaps this is not for you. But if you're willing to be open-minded, there is definitely a message that needs to be heard.

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