Not Letting Go

Over the weekend, I came to the difficult decision to put my story away for awhile. To allow myself time to refresh mentally and physically after the last grueling six months.

I was at peace about this. Felt it to be right.

There's just one problem.

My characters won't let me go. They're never far from my mind. I keep thinking of various plot lines and how they might be concluded.

This is completely unexpected. Usually, when I finally make a decision I feel good about, my mind clears. Quite the opposite has happened.

Imagine you've remembered some items you need to get at the grocery store. Now imagine it's very late at night and you're just drifting off to sleep. Or, at least trying to sleep. But you can't, can you? Not until you get up and finally write down those remembered items for your list.

That's what this is like.

So here I am, alone in a quiet house, the rest of the family at the park.

And I'm about to do the one thing I said I wouldn't.

I'm going to write.

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