More Improvements = I Hit My Original Goal

When I began writing in earnest, my original goal was to reach 75,000 words. Last week, when I thought I'd finished the book, I'd only reached 70,000. And I was okay with that. After one editing earlier this week, I added a little over 2,000 words. And I thought I was finished.

But something kept nagging at me.

If my book claims to be one that emphasizes forgiveness and mercy, shouldn't the most pivotal moment in the character's life be worthy of more than just two paragraphs? Most certainly! As it now stands, it was deserving of an entire chapter all its' own. I feel like I've broadened this message and given it more room to sink into my readers than before.

And in the process of what I felt were necessary improvements to the story, I added far more words than I expected.

In fact, I now have just over 75,500 words in my story. Which means that my original goal has now been met.

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