Okay, I Wrote a Novel.... What's Next?

I have a sinking feeling that all that work I just finished was the easy part. Now comes the challenging part.

Honestly, I have some idea of where to go from here but not really. There is a plan, yes, but if that doesn't work out...

First, I will let it simmer for about a week and then do another reading. Once I've made any corrections that need to be made, I'll start the process of submitting it to editors. And I'll keep doing this until I find one that wants my book. However long that takes.

I've got one possible contact but that's it. So if anyone has any editorial contacts they want to send my way, I'd love to have them. There is always the option of going the self-publishing route, but after dreaming about this since I was about 10, I'd really like it to be traditionally published.

Even if that means I submit it over and over and over until I find someone who wants it. (But I pray it doesn't come to that.)

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