Interesting Development

Up until now writing has been strictly something I do for enjoyment's sake, and has tended to be infrequently done. I've been working (off and on, of course) on a story for about the last year or two about a woman who loses her husband on the night of her high school reunion.

Last month while we were attending CROSS training, a thread was started in the Amazon Kindle forum asking if there were any readers who were secretly writing books. Through some encouragement from the woman who began the topic (I'd originally only wanted to post a link to this blog, given how many people feel about Christian fiction in the forum), I went ahead and posted the prologue to my story.

Almost immediately, another woman expressed some interest and even referred me to her boss, a woman who works at a new Christian publishing company that is geared toward CF e-books! I've been in contact with her and she invited me to send her my finished manuscript!

I've met enough struggling writers in the last year to know that being published is definitely an uphill battle. And once you're published, there's often a ridiculous amount of self-promotion that needs to be done in order to get folks to buy your book. So I know this is not necessarily a guarantee.

With that being said, this is more than I had going into July. I am not even close to being finished with the book, having only about 1/3 of it finished at this point. To that end, I am working hard, trying to write at least a little bit every day. I've also asked five ladies whom I know will give me honest feedback to read what I've completed so far.

I have no idea where this path will take me. All that matters is that I've begun the journey.

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