Just Keep Swimming...

Just like my favorite little blue fish, I need to just keep swimming in this giant sea of creativity. (Now you're gonna have that song stuck in your head, aren't you?) If I have not posted with regularity here, or on any of my other blogs for that matter, it doesn't mean that I'm not writing. Because I am. Really.

The last couple weeks my time has largely been consumed with writing my manuscript. I've spent hours at a time immersed in the lives of my characters, letting them take shape on paper. Er, on the computer screen. The story has already taken a different direction than I anticipated, but that's okay. The characters themselves are now the ones telling the story, which is very interesting. I'm learning so much about them and what they've been through, that it's hard to tear myself away. But tear myself away I must. We have neither a live-in-nanny nor a housekeeper, and so those tasks are relegated to moi.

So, until the day we either move into a house with an office, or can afford to hire said professionals, I am thankful for the--mostly--helpful assistance of my family and for the sage advice of my favorite little blue fish. To just keep swimming.

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