Book Review for "Raklin: Secret of the Crystal Key" by Carol Parsons (Kindle Edition)

I will state from the beginning that Mrs. Parsons gave me a copy of this book in exchange for a review. With that being said, however, if I truly had not enjoyed the book, I would not have given it 5 stars. This is the third book in the series, but I had read book # 2, Dictates of Conscience (Journals of the Peregrine), and reviewed it previously.

In this third book of the "Journals of the Peregrine" series, we join Patriots Kynan Craig and Ganet IV as they seek to determine who the true ruler of the planet Raklin is, and what interest the Imperium has with the primitive planet and her people, the Vori. There is something amiss with two of their fellow travelers, a prince of the planet, and an assassin they'd encountered in their previous adventures. Both seem to be hiding motives and secrets. Are they to be trusted? And what of this mysterious crystal that has already seen blood shed for possession of it? They must unravel all of these mysteries while on a long trek though a vast desert wasteland that threatens their very lives.

I am not typically a fan of science fiction novels. Sure, I've enjoyed the "Star Wars" movies over the years. But as I've gotten older, other book genres have claimed my heart. I must be fickle, however, because Mrs. Parson's books have turned my head, interesting me in science fiction once again. Perhaps the best thing of all about her books is that they involve realistic characters in realistic situations. The only difference is location. These characters and situations have been plucked out of "normal" settings and placed into other worlds. You truly need not be a fan of science fiction to enjoy her books.

She is also perhaps one of the best descriptive writers I've read. In this latest book, I became a sixth member of the group struggling for survival in the desert. I could feel the gritty sand pasted to my skin. I could feel the scorching rays of the sun as it baked the desert. I could feel the desperate need for water. Descriptive writing is a skill that, alas, not every writer is blessed with. In my opinion, God has abundantly blessed Mrs. Parsons with this talent.

Yes, I mentioned God. While she is a science fiction writer, she is also a Christian woman who weaves her faith into everything she writes. Including her characters. Some of them serve the One God (His name in the books is Melohi) and everything they do reflects their relationship with Him. They pray to Him. Seek His blessings. But none of it is enough to hinder those who might be "turned off" by religious fiction.

I have thoroughly enjoyed each of Mrs. Parson's books in this series and eagerly anticipate reading more about Kynan's and Ganet's adventures.

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