The Hardest Thing to Write

There is a section of my story that I've been avoiding like the plague. The events immediately following Andrew's death and Emma's reaction to it. I know how I want the story to go. And I know that she has to be at the very lowest of lows before she encounters God in a new way and finds renewal and redemption. It's her descent into the pit that I've been avoiding. Let's face it--that's some pretty serious, heavy stuff. And as I'm not normally a morose individual, writing scenes that adequately express the depth of a grieving widow's despair will be challenging at best. I've tried to think of everything possible in order to prepare myself. I've prayed and asked for prayer. I've pulled out my most depressing music to help get me into a morose frame of mind.

While these scenes, these chapters will be emotionally draining for me--for the eventual readers, too, I imagine--knowing the joy that awaits her is enough to keep me going.

In the mean time, I would love your prayers as I work through this.

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