Anti-Human Trafficking Training, Day Two

For our video segment today, we watched a video that had much significance for me. As I heard the young girl's story, I was struck by how familiar it was. But where had I heard it before? When, however, she talked about dying at the age of 24 of AIDS---and wondering if anyone would even care enough to come to her funeral---I remembered exactly where I'd heard her story before.

She was my introduction to human trafficking at a seminar last year. It is her story, and those of many other young girls I heard about over those two days in April, 2011, that served to stir up a longing to help. God used her story to break my heart for these women and children.

Today, listening to the story again, this time sitting in an anti-human trafficking training session, fresh tears poured down my cheeks and my heart was broken for her again. I may not know exactly how to help them. But I want more than anything to be the voice for those who haven't a voice.

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