Missing My Friends

This time in Indiana has not in any way gone according to how I envisioned. I Imagined learning all kinds of things in my anti-human trafficking sessions, and then coming back to the apartment and having all this time to work on my novel. It's kinda laughable, now that I think about it. How in the world I thought I'd be able to set aside every disturbing fact I'm learning to immerse myself in a world of my own making is beyond me.

Still. I find myself thinking wistfully of Justin and Emma and wondering how they're getting along without me. I wonder how she's coping with the loss of her husband. I wonder if he's screwed up the courage to admit his feelings for her while I've been away. You may laugh and think I'm a bit loony in the head--they're only figments of my own imagination, after all. But after a couple years spent with them, I've come to see them both as friends. I'm deeply committed to making sure that everything turns out in their lives how it should. And, no, Troy. That does not include the horrific plot twists you've envisioned. Okay, private joke.

They are my friends. I miss spending time with them. I miss crying with them. Laughing with them. Watching them find their way to each other. And most importantly, hearing about the lessons Jesus has been teaching them.

I miss my friends.

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