Book Review for "Book of Days" by James Rubart (Kindle Edition)

I really enjoyed Rooms (the author's previous novel) and I've got to say that I enjoyed this book as well. I'm not going to give a book synopsis; others have already done this and you get the gist of the story by reading the plot description. Besides, I don't necessarily read reviews to read a regurgitated version of the description. I read them because I want to know what readers thought about the story.

I was completely sucked into the story from the first page.  I appreciated that the behind-the-scenes antagonist in the story was not made known until the very end. And I did not guess it ahead of time (which usually happens). I basically read this book during a 13-hour car trip and it sucked me in so completely that the last three hours of the trip (normally what feels like the longest part of the trip) flew by in a blink of an eye. I love it when authors can sweep me so completely into the story. James Rubart is a genius at this.

The characters are genuine and their interaction believable. I found myself cheering for Cameron and Ann to find the Book of Days and for Taylor Stone to find healing. And the descriptions of the locations and the people in the book were enough that I had a clear picture in my mind of what they were like. Especially of The Place (to tell you more would ruin the story).

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