Book Review for "Tahn", "Return to Alastair", and "The Scarlet Trefoil" by L.A. Kelly (Kindle Editions)

I originally download this book because it was Christian fiction and it was offered for free (a combination I cannot resist). While I normally enjoy books with this type of setting, I really didn't have high expectations. And then I started reading and was completely sucked into the story. In fact, I practically inhaled all three of the books in the series in one week.

Most of the bad reviews are from people who do not like Christian fiction. So let me make sure I'm crystal clear, this is a Christian book. The characters actually pray. There are Bible studies in the book. The plan of salvation is presented in this series. If you hate Christians or all things we represent or believe in, do not read this book. Because, inevitably, you will write up a bad review about how much you hate Christian Fiction (CF) and this book for its "propaganda". Although, why with all the reviews letting people know very clearly that this is CF, there are still people confused about this, I'm not sure. Perhaps the lesson should be, do some research of any book you want to buy before you actually purchase it. Even if it's free.

Back to Tahn. I loved everything about this series. The setting. The characters. The story line. I especially loved the redemption of such a twisted, pained character. Throughout his short life, Tahn had experienced so many atrocities that he truly believed he was Satan's spawn. Unsaveable. Unloveable. Until he met Netta, who helped him to finally understand and accept the mighty scope of God's forgiveness and mercy.

Tahn, The Return to Alastair, and The Scarlet Trefoil are amazing stories about God's love and mercy and how forgiveness has the power to completely change lives. I loved every minute spent with Tahn and Netta and deeply regret that L.A. Kelly did not write any more stories about them before her death.

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