Book Review for "Captain Wentworth's Persuasion" by Regina Jeffers (Kindle Edition)

Persuasion has never been one of my favorite Jane Austen novels. I did, however, enjoy reading this version of the story, told through Captain Wentworth's perspective. Can I just say how much I love Captain Wentworth?? While Mr. Darcy is and will always be my favorite Austen hero, Captain Wentworth now rates right up there with Darcy in my book. It was fairly clean with only a bit of "minor" profanity (for those who prefer not to read books with profanity or sex). The couple's sexual chemistry was quite clear without being explicit or detailed--something I greatly appreciate. My only other complaint was that it felt like Ms. Jeffers left us hanging at the end. We're told that both Captain and Mrs. Wentworth were leary of Lord Wallingford and it is hinted that he had a part in the smuggling ring. But there was not really any conclusion to that. Was he guilty? Was he innocent? The reader certainly doesn't know. Otherwise, this was an excellent book--especially for lovers of Persuasion.

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