Book Review for "Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy" by Abigail Reynolds (Kindle Edition)

First of all, I want to make quite clear at the beginning of my review that if you are looking for a clean Austen variation or continuation (one without foul language or sexual content of any kind), then this is not the book for you. If it had not included taking the Lord's name in vain (something that, as a Christian, I absolutely detest) and some sexual content, I would have enjoyed this book. I read a few reviews before downloading it (and I have to admit I picked this one up when it was offered for free in the Kindle store, so I am not actually out any money) and none of them were very clear in labeling the sexual content. I was lead to believe that there was "hinted" sexual content, but nothing graphic. Apparently my idea of graphic and others' ideas of graphic are two very different things.

I really liked the premise of the book -- that, following Darcy's first proposal of marriage in Hunsford, Elizabeth is not given a chance to refuse before he kisses her twice. Unfortunately, they are witnessed by Colonel Fitzwilliam and a couple groundsmen, so instead of compromising her integrity, she allows everyone to believe she had just accepted his offer of marriage. What must marriage to Mr. Darcy be like under these false pretenses? Especially since he believes her as smitten as he.

Of course, he does discover her true feelings for him, which sets up the major conflict for the story. Will Elizabeth fall in love with her husband as she gets to know him better, and if so, will he ever accept that her affection is genuine?

I literally read this in a day because I was so intent on uncovering the answers to these questions myself. I would have enjoyed the book far more (as it is, I skipped over certain parts) if Ms. Reynolds had left out the parts I alluded to earlier.

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