Book Review for "One Hero, A Savior" by John Fitch V (Kindle Edition)

I did not pay close attention to the book description to realize that this is a fantasy book (nor does that really matter). I won't give away details or discuss what readers can plainly discover from reading the book synopsis. So the following are just my general impressions on the quality of writing. The author's description of a weather system in the first couple pages really sucked me into the story. Typically, when they are that good, I know I am in for a treat. As I alluded to in the first sentence, this is a fantasy. The main character, Preston, somehow finds himself actually in the fantasy world he created. Evil has overrun his peaceful utopia and it is up to him to set matters right. Fans of Tolkien will smile to discover familiar races of beings as characters in the story. As a lover of The Hobbit since I was 9 years old, and as a semi-recent lover of The Lord of the Rings as well, I found One Hero, A Savior a light and enjoyable read, thoroughly worthy of the highest praise.

For readers who abhor the very mention of God and Christianity, be warned that Preston's Christian faith is lived out and is in fact the basis for his created world. It is not, however, "rammed" down the reader's throat, so this is something I think anyone could enjoy.

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